Brand Heritage

Steelage is an iconic brand within the banking and jeweller segments in India, having provided robust and trustworthy solutions for the secure storage of valuables for generations.



Steelage is founded by Mr. Hormusji Erani under the name of Allwyn Steel Equipment Company Ltd. 

The company starts by manufacturing structural items, steel furniture and security equipment, including safe deposit lockers and fire security items such as fire extinguishers, refills and foams.



The name is changed from Allwyn Steel Equipment Company Ltd. to Steelage Industries, Ltd.

MILESTONE: The company obtains a UL certification for the TL 30 and TRTL 30/60 range of safes after passing the test criteria set by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) of USA.



Steelage starts a close partnership with with UK-based Chubb & Son's Lock and Safe Company, Ltd, the company which later becomes Chubbsafes.



Indian Standard 550 Safes first issued by the Indian Standards Institute.
First certification for a safe is IS 550 Class C, dated February 25, 1997



MILESTONE: Production facilities are established in Halol, Gujarat, where production remains today.



MILESTONE: Awarded certification for UL TL 30.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is established by an Act of Parliament. Since the early days, Steelage has been a member of the BIS Subcommittee HMD 24 (today MED 24).



Steelage receives an official letter from Tata Housing & Development, stating that the company could continue doing business despite a severe fire having destroyed everything that was not stored in fire-resistant filing cabinets from Steelage. Luckily, all key documents and the daily cash box was stored in the filing cabinets during the fire and remained intact.



The company plans to expand its co-operation with various companies in the Williams Group, and introduce initiatives in the security and fire protection market in the country.



Steelage becomes part of Swedish-based Gunnebo Group through acquisition.



The first major investment in the Halol production plant is made and the plant is re-inaugurated. The factory becomes certified in accordance with ISO 14001 standards.



The factory is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.



The second wave of investment is made in Halol to ensure that the factory meets international and export standards.



Steelage is re-introduced as the best option for robust and trustworthy vault doors, filing cabinets and safes for markets in the Middle East and Africa.


2018 and onwards

Steelage continues its journey to becoming the preferred choice for vault doors, filing cabinets and safes in the Middle East and Africa.